How to make a mosaic using the Mosaic Project.

In this post we'll see how to make a mosaic out of an intense and well-known expression of Marilyn Monroe. We thought of metal mosaic with only ten shades of color, very high-tech for the truth, but nothing prevents you from implementing it with different materials such as glass or wood, everything depends on you!

First we see the original image, retrieved by a search with Google:

This is a very small 120x141 pixels image, if printed it is no larger than a (small) postage stamp. As we shall see, with very little effort, we will obtain something absolutely interesting...

Well, to have a rendering view of the final product that is a realistic (and printable), we must first have a palette of metal tiles. To create a similar palette is very simple (you can also watch the video, in this regard), but to to make things even faster we provide the palette in the kit contents at the end of the post.

At this point we start the wizard to create the mosaic. First select the image you want to transform:

Now we can exclude colors... there are various reasons why you might want to do it, but in our case we want the system to use all ten colors at its disposal:

At this point we must decide the size of the mosaic and the transformation algorithm. This is only useful if you want to work with very large images, such as images from a high resolution camera, but in our case is completely indifferent. Talking about sizes... the system is fully parametric, and you can decide the size of the tile, the grout, the number of tiles horizontally and vertically (one independently from the other, that is "distorting" the image) and more . To make things simple we decide to work at full sheets without distortion and with a tile of 20x20mm. and a gap of 1.1mm. The result is a mosaic of 6x7 sheets of 15x15 tiles, corresponding to a physical size 1.89x2.22 meters.

The operation lasts just a few seconds, and the result is this:

Now we pass directly to rendering, to have a look at the final result:

Also take the opportunity to see how important it is the grout. We begin with anthracite, in tune with the average background. But let's try a different color, for example, white ice

Incidentally, note how the system can associate colors and symbols, should you wish to make this image with cross-stitch (smiley).

Pass to render the final image, to understand the result:

So do begin to realize our mosaic. Here's the laying-plan (in rows from above-right):

And here is the corresponding production plan, as it appears in Acrobat Reader, ready to be made​​:

Well, thank you to have taken the time to read this post. You can download the whole kit from here, it is completely free.

Have a good job!

Download Marilyn project

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