A Do-It-Yourself solution

While we recommend everyone to get a demo of the full software solution, to learn the ins and outs of mosaic making, maybe you prefer a simple website where you can experiment your ideas. Free!

Create a basic mosaic

It takes only an image to make your first mosaic: you drop it on a webpage and press a button and you are already watching your next mosaic. Then you begin reducing the number of colors and/or the number of tiles. Depending from the initial image the results can be stunning (or not). The mosaic can be too big to make. Or it can have too many colors to have at hand. It's just the beginning...

Sharpen those mosaic skills

After many tests, you are now ready to go: you begin by making your mosaic or you may need to further refine it.

Switch to the Mosaic Project software

Are you ready to switch to a professional mosaic software? You will have total control over your mosaic design. After the demo (15 days, by default, extendable at wish) you have the option to buy a lifetime license or rent it, month by month. No hidden costs, no upfront expenses, no long term commitment.

Buy your mosaic kit

No matter how you did it, we provide also the tiles and at very competitive prices (EU only). Coming soon!

Visit the Mosaic.Link NOW!